Full Lace Cap with stretch in the middle
This is the most common cap construction and found in most stock units. The stretch panel allows for half and inch leeway, so it will fit head sizes that are up to half an inch larger than the given circumference. Good for beginners who are unsure of their measurements. Hair can be worn up in a high pony tail and parted anywhere.

Full Lace Cap No Stretch
This cap construction has no stretch, hair can be parted anywhere, worn in a ponytail and cornrowed as there is no stretch panel in the middle. But your head measurements have to be accurate as there is no stretch with this cap construction.

Full Lace Cap with stretch from ear to ear
This cap construction is quite similar to a full lace cap with stretch in the middle, but the the stretch extends from ear to ear, stretch panel allows for half an inch leeway to fit head sizes that are up to half an inch larger than the given circumference. Also great for beginners who are unsure of their measurements. Downsides are wearing  the hair up in arears above the ear may be a problem.

Full Lace Cap with thin skin perimeter
This type of material has a material called polyurethane (also known as thin skin) around the perimeter. Some have reported that thin skin seems to adhere better to their skin. Downsides: getting really hot under the thin skin, because it does not allow the scalp to breathe as lace does.

Lace Front Wigs

Lacefront wigs are made like a regular wig in the back and only features lace in the front and sides of the wig. Human hair lace fronts are great but beware of the synthetic ones....not worth the money! Our lacefront wigs allows the lace to extend further back into the crown of the wig so you get a more longer natural lookin part than the ones you get at your beauty supply store.. Our human hair lace front wigs are 100% indian remy human hair and you can purchase 6-24 inches for one low price of 250.00 Any style color and length you want. These are great if you dont like the full lace wig or if you dont like having to glue down the full wig. These only have to be glued in the front. We also have a full lace wig that only has to be glued in front.

Glueless Full Lace Wigs - NO GLUE OR TAPE NEEDED

Silk top/ Hidden Knots Lace Wigs

An overlay of fine silk is used to cover the knots on your lace unit in the front portion where you do most of your parting. You can throw those wig caps away and never have to worry about someone getting too close to your scalp and seeing a hint of lace and its knots. There will be none! The silk can be either mono or colored to match your skin tone. The results, a totally undetectable unit whose knots and lace cannot even be found by a magnified camera! We have limited colors and styles in stock! Most styles must be custom ordered. This wig feature is $75.00 extra. 


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